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Thursday, 27 October 2011

The ‘TWO BY TWO’ Experience

Stuti reminisces about the ‘Two by Two’ journey right from it’s inception to the practice sessions and the final days… She shares how her character helped her actually get things into perspective with regards to her life…Read on…

Two by two, the marvel which we are all astounded by today is not just a journey, but it is a phenomenon which encompasses an unlimited sphere of joy and hope. I clearly recall the pre-performance paranoia I felt before my audition. However I felt all my apprehension melt away as the friendly and welcoming atmosphere embraced all the newcomers like old friends. The task of the audition, which at first had seemed tricky, was carried out effortlessly due to the comfort created by all the old members. The script-reading sessions were a haze of laughter, as we struggled to read the lines with straight faces, though once the acting practice began the focus shifted to learning our lines. One of the most memorable moments of this experience was the first day of the dancing practice. Good and bad dancers, all came together to give their own suggestions to the choreographer, which resulted in a hilarious session for all present. The practice sessions were comfortably timed for all and therefore on any day of the rehearsal one found a jovial mood in the packed hall.
My role in the play was that of God. At first I found it hard to understand the meaning behind the dialogues, however with the help of Father Cyril and the cast members I began to see the importance of the message the play  carried. One very important thing that I learnt through the words of my character was the beauty of forgiveness among many other things. The concept of forgiveness that I had shunned quite often in the past began to redefine itself. Everyone was a bunch of nerves on the day of the dress-rehearsal, but all the hard work paid off on the final two days of performance. Listening to the audience respond and especially laugh whilst being backstage was a surprisingly exhilarating feeling. The finale on both days was an emotional experience that holds a special place in my heart. Singing along with everyone, and knowing that we had pulled it off was a beautiful yet heartbreaking sensation.
The journey of “Two by Two” has enriched me not just with invaluable bonds of friendship and lessons of hard work, but has also given me memories that I shall treasure forever.
                                     STUTI SAXENA

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