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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

KUNE 2012 (Registration Form - Softcopy)

Hey People!

You can get your copy of the camp registration form for Kune 2012 from here. Please read the instructions carefully regarding the same. Contact the Prez (Joel) or Vice-Prez (MJ Joel) if in doubt!

Steps to print form:
1) Both the pages of the form are in JPEG format. You can either save the image on your computer and then print it out.
2) OR, you can place the mouse over image, right click and click 'print'.
3) Kindly DO NOT print the form back-to-back as page 2 has to be submitted and page 1 has to be retained by you.  
4) Page 2 contains a receipt of form acceptance at the bottom. Make sure the person you are submitting your form to, fills and signs it before returning it to you

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

aSSUrance - the SSU Newsletter (2010 and 2011 issues) - Part I

This is for the benefit of those members overseas and who have not been able to get hold of your newsletters which was started (full-fledged!) from last year! 
The pages of the Newsletters are in JPEG format. To save it on your desktop, right click and click 'save image as'. It's yours! Enjoy and special thanks to all those who've contributed for these issues! We shall be uploading all the issues one by one.
SSU - Pune
aSSUrance - October - November 2011
(Oct-Nov 2011) Page 1

(Oct-Nov 2011) Page 2

(Oct-Nov 2011) Page 3

(Oct-Nov 2011) Page 4

(Oct-Nov 2011) Page 5
(Oct-Nov 2011) Page 6

                               aSSUrance - June - July 2011
(June - July 2011) Page 1
(June - July 2011) Page 2
(June - July 2011) Page 3
(June - July 2011) Page 4

                                     2010 NEWSLETTERS
                           aSSUrance - July - August 2010
(July - August 2010) Page 1

(July - August 2010) Page 2

(July - August 2010) Page 3

(July - August 2010) Page 4

Stay Tuned for More...


SSU - Pune
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

(एस.एस.यु - पुणे : १९७१ से)


The Animator, President and Members of SSU-Pune request the pleasure of your presence as we complete 40 glorious years of existence.
Join up with us for 3 days of celebration and fun. Do note the days, date and time!

Day 1: Friday, 16th December, 2011
Inter-religious Thanksgiving Service a
Time: 6.30PM sharp
Place: Fr. Barco Hall, Opp. St. Xavier's Parish, Camp
Dress Code: Traditional/Formal (Red Color/Shade)
(followed by refreshments)

Day 2: Saturday, 17th December, 2011 
'Looking Back...Looking Forward' - a dialogue a
(Past SSU members meet Present SSU members)
Time: 6.30PM sharp
Place: Fr. Barco Hall, Opp. St. Xavier's Parish, Camp
(followed by refreshments)

Day 3: Sunday, 18th December, 2011
An Evening of Fun 'n' Frolic a
(Krazy Games and Jamming!)
Time: 6.30PM sharp
Place: Fr. Barco Hall, Opp. St. Xavier's Parish, Camp
(followed by dinner)

Do let us know, latest by Saturday, 10th December, 2011 if you'll be coming, so that we can go ahead with planning to give you all an awesome time!

Looking forward to seeing you!


No of Persons:______________
Days on which coming: (tick appropriate box/mention) 
16th December, 2011 (PLEC) £
17th December, 2011 (Dialogue) £
18th December, 2011 (Games & Dinner) £ 
No. of Veg: _________
No. of Non-Veg:______

  1. Cyril Desbruslais SJ - Animator (9822236256)
  2. Joel Patrick - President (9028765285)
  3. Joel MJ - Vice-President (9890809007
Email ID:

(Formal Invite to follow)


Monday, 31 October 2011

SSU Winter Camp 2011 Registration Form

Hey Folks,
For those who have not got hold of the winter camp 2011  registration forms yet and wish to fill them, can get them here.

Steps to print form:
1) Both the pages of the form are in JPEG format. You can either save the image on your computer and then print it out.
2) OR, you can place the mouse over image, right click and click 'print'.
3) Kindly DO NOT print the form back-to-back as page 2 has to be submitted and page 1 has to be retained by you.
Page 2 of Form

Page 1 of Form

NOTE: Last Day for submission of forms: 1st November, 2011

SSU - Pune

Friday, 28 October 2011

SSU’s Ganesh Chaturthi & Eid PLEC 2011

In keeping with a trend that was started last year, the SSU celebrated Ganesh Chatruthi and Eid together on September 4th. Shweta shares her experience of helping out with and taking part in the joint inter-religious  service for the first time… 

"Service" is one of the primary goals of the SSU.
I will always remain grateful to the SSU for inspiring me to learn so much throughout. The youth today who have been labeled with tags such as arrogant, ignorant, and irresponsible seem to have stirred the winds of change in this nation. Being a part of the SSU helps us youngsters to introspect ourselves in order to realize are capabilities, abilities and also to attain faith in God. Being a part of the SSU has brought about a certain level of maturity in me as I came to realize that success in every aspect comes through 'responsibility'. 
This draws me back to the memories of the PLEC which was held in Barco Hall, Camp on Sunday, the 4th of  September, preceding our play 'Two by Two'. We were busy putting our best foot forward in our play  practices and the collection of funds all for a noble cause. It was during this time that everybody was in the mood for celebration as the two festivals, 'Ganesh Chatruthi' and 'Eid' were eagerly awaited by one and all. I was glad to get acquainted to the fact that ever since last year, the SSU has a tradition to celebrate all festivals despite our diverse cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. This year as well, we continued the tradition. 
I  was deeply inspired and enthusiastic about the idea of  communal harmony brought about through the PLEC. The Ganesh Chaturthi - Eid PLEC required significant contributions from the SSU members. Initially, I was excited when I was asked to represent my culture in the form of Ganeshotsav, but also slightly in doubt as questions began to arise even on smallest of decisions and required thought. This did not last for long as I was immediately made comfortable by Dean, who did a fabulous job managing and systematically delegating responsibilities; ensuring everybody's participation. It was great to observe how everyone's contribution played a significant role as we cooperatively worked towards the preparation and presentation of the PLEC.
It was overwhelming to welcome Lord Ganesha (with the Puneri Pagdi in the bright red colour of the SSU!) by uniting to set up a beautiful ‘pandal with colorful decorations, lighting, garlands and ‘haralis’. Generally, it was often the man of the family who carried Ganapati to the pandal and the women who invited the deity home.       But as I said earlier that we not only follow the tradition but also move a step ahead.
The idea of a girl placing the Ganesha idol was appreciating. Shrabosti considered herself honored to do so. Rhea, an excellent Bharatanatyam dancer, performed the ‘Ganesh Vandana’ gracefully to symbolize gratitude and prayer to the Lord in the form of dance. This was followed by the traditional ‘Aarti’, initially performed by Stuti and me followed by everyone taking turns to worship the Lord. I was absolutely stunned to watch Cyril, a Catholic priest humbly bowing down and performing the Aarti. It is not often that you find such a huge group working together, celebrating and being a part of each others festival with due respect. I consider myself highly privileged that I got the opportunity to interact with the inquisitive crowd about the significance of Ganeshotsav and the Ganesha idol along with Ria who was active in hosting the PLEC. 

Fizza then contributed to the festival of Eid and enlightened us with so many facts about Islam, Ramzan and Eid that were unknown. It truly made us believe how beautiful every culture is. Also, this year's PLEC was based on the theme ‘India against Corruption’ and the Jan Lokpal Bill. The explanation of theme was done great justice to by Rohan.
The PLEC came to a grand end when everybody shouted in great joy ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya...Mangal Mutri Morya’ and enjoyed the ‘prasad’. The vote of thanks was then proposed by Dean. I witnessed everyone becoming emotional as Cyril spoke about his feelings about the PLEC. The over all response towards the PLEC was phenomenal and everybody appreciated our efforts.
It was a memorable evening as we were taken on a more spiritual (and less religious!) journey. This has been an extremely enriching experience on the personal front as it transformed me to grow better as an individual in terms of humanity and listening to my inner voice. It also boosted my confidence as it broadened my horizons. I thank Cyril who is ever so passionate about the tasks in hand and also my friends who are dedicated, but also warm , welcoming and fun at the same time. I hope we remain united and may God continue to shower his blessings on this diverse family of SSU. Cheers!


Thursday, 27 October 2011

The ‘TWO BY TWO’ Experience

Stuti reminisces about the ‘Two by Two’ journey right from it’s inception to the practice sessions and the final days… She shares how her character helped her actually get things into perspective with regards to her life…Read on…

Two by two, the marvel which we are all astounded by today is not just a journey, but it is a phenomenon which encompasses an unlimited sphere of joy and hope. I clearly recall the pre-performance paranoia I felt before my audition. However I felt all my apprehension melt away as the friendly and welcoming atmosphere embraced all the newcomers like old friends. The task of the audition, which at first had seemed tricky, was carried out effortlessly due to the comfort created by all the old members. The script-reading sessions were a haze of laughter, as we struggled to read the lines with straight faces, though once the acting practice began the focus shifted to learning our lines. One of the most memorable moments of this experience was the first day of the dancing practice. Good and bad dancers, all came together to give their own suggestions to the choreographer, which resulted in a hilarious session for all present. The practice sessions were comfortably timed for all and therefore on any day of the rehearsal one found a jovial mood in the packed hall.
My role in the play was that of God. At first I found it hard to understand the meaning behind the dialogues, however with the help of Father Cyril and the cast members I began to see the importance of the message the play  carried. One very important thing that I learnt through the words of my character was the beauty of forgiveness among many other things. The concept of forgiveness that I had shunned quite often in the past began to redefine itself. Everyone was a bunch of nerves on the day of the dress-rehearsal, but all the hard work paid off on the final two days of performance. Listening to the audience respond and especially laugh whilst being backstage was a surprisingly exhilarating feeling. The finale on both days was an emotional experience that holds a special place in my heart. Singing along with everyone, and knowing that we had pulled it off was a beautiful yet heartbreaking sensation.
The journey of “Two by Two” has enriched me not just with invaluable bonds of friendship and lessons of hard work, but has also given me memories that I shall treasure forever.
                                     STUTI SAXENA